Journey Of Bandhani

Origin and History  

Bandhani, not just a word but an emotion to the Indian People. It reminds the vivid colors of Rajasthan, the colorful turbans, odhnis, ghagras, and the enriched heritage.

The term ‘Bandhani’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘Bandhan’ or ‘Bandhej’ which symbolizes ‘tying up’. This ancient textile art finds its roots in Gujrat where the Khatri community started the technique of Tie and Dye on clothes around 5000 years ago. 

In the early days, the process was carried out by the family members in which females used to tie the fabric and males dyed it to form various Bandhani prints, which is continued till. Natural and organic elements like flowers, roots, leaves, berries, and so on were used to make the dyes. 

To sum up, Bandhani is a process of tying the clothes and dunking it back in vibrant colors to produce beautiful, fine patterns on fabrics. Places like Jaipur, Bhilwara, Gujrat, Sikar remain the most popular centres for Bandhej art work. 

While there are varieties of attires found with Bandhani patterns, the most popular remains Bandhani Saree.

It is believed that wearing a Bandhani Saree brings good fortune for a newly married bride. The dazzling patterns and colors of bandhej are considered to be pure and thus every Indian woman wears it in almost every traditional ritual. 


Bandhani holds a remarkable place in the Indian textile industry.  The art of connecting dots has connected people so far. The early days ascertained that the ancient art was untouched but as the fashion industry evolved, it has developed and became one of the hot-selling art, completely fitting with changing tastes and has established itself as a ‘Vogue’ around the globe. Ancient handcrafted art is making a breathtaking revolution making Bandhej a compulsory embellishment in every women’s wardrobe. It is not adorning the beauty of women-only but has now become a part of Men's ethnic collection too. 

Bandhani attires are the only art which fits for all occasions be it casual, work, get-together or marriage and this attributes makes it high-in-demand and versatile in terms of wearability. This significant art not only comes in many colors but in several fabrics amalgamated with different work-style. Most demandable are Chiffon Bandhej Saree, Leheriya Bandhani Saree, Gota-Patti Bandhani, and so on(link of the products on-site). 

The beautiful outcomes of numerous Bandhani patterns are the result of the diligent work of Indian craftsmen who are working every day to keep ancient art alive. However, with new technologies the value of handwork is decreasing but, Geroo Jaipur stands apart, supports artists and acknowledges the beauty of the hand-producing traditional craft. The highly skilled based art remains incomplete without the human touch.  

We have stepped apart, now it’s time for you to stand up. 

Come, let’s together keep the “Journey of Bandhani’ flourishing.